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Urban River is a locally based digital and creative design agency Experts in websites, branding and all things marketing but we know that that isn’t important to you.

You’re looking for an agency who understands your business, and can support you in attracting new customers.
Since 2002 we have crafted our company to do just that. We like to think of our business as an extension of our clients company that grants them access to a team of smart business people, creative design and technical talent.

We have worked for a variety of clients across all sectors and industries; view our portfolio at www.urbanriver.com/portfolio to see examples of our work.

At Urban River we have a focused down to earth approach and we’re not afraid of hard work.

We avoid using jargon in both technical and creative discussions as we feel it’s unnecessary to the goal of improving your businesses. From a simple brand makeover through to a full media campaign, we want to put you ahead of your competition and provide you with the best possible experience and return on investment so you can’t help but return for more.

Our services include branding, advertising, literature design, web design, e-commerce, e-marketing and we’re pretty hot at designing sites and apps for mobile too.
Our approach is simple, concentrate on doing what we do best, leaving you to do what you do best. From a great website that tells your clients about your products or services to a campaign that is unique to you and your organisation.

Comprehensive. Results-driven. straight forward