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  • Culture for Success

    The Culture for Success Awards are designed to showcase the expertise, talent and passion of companies in the region. These unique awards recognise the achievements of companies who demonstrate that they have a culture that fosters success in all areas of their business; from employee development and customer service, to winning new business and the contribution the business has made to regional prosperity.


  • Merketplace

    Marketplace provides free access to a wide range of new business opportunities to all members of Service Network. These range from the larger public sector OJEU notices to smaller contracts. Marketplace delivers new business opportunities and potential suppliers and collaborators to your desktop.


  • Events

    Service Network's wide range of events create an environment for both members and non-members to meet and develop relationships. Bringing together the best of the corporate world and vibrant smaller businesses, Service Network provides a learning forum second to none. Our events are attended by talented, driven individuals and companies looking for opportunities to exchange best practice, learn, move their business forward and collaborate.

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  • Network News

    Service Network's monthly e-newsletter is the voice of and for members on a wide range of issues directly affecting the service sector. It offers a great way to keep in touch with what's happening in the sector and region and is an ideal platform for members to promote their business.

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