North East Chamber of Commerce

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The North East Chamber of Commerce exists for one reason – to serve our members.

For 200 years we have stood shoulder to shoulder alongside the titans of North East industry and the small game-changing innovators as champions of regional business.

Our aim is to make the North East a success. From removing barriers to growth to lobbying the Government, from helping firms sell overseas to training the future workforce, NECC is here to help, support and empower our members.

Our economic foundations may have been hewn from the coalface and forged in the shipyards, but we have evolved a truly diverse and robust business base and we at NECC work incredibly hard to deliver the best possible service to the vast array of businesses that make up our membership.

Two centuries ago, our founding fathers realised that as businesses we are stronger together – that has never changed. NECC provides a collective voice for regional business and history tells you that we get the job done.

However, we need you to help us do more.

Every member we gain makes us stronger, the stronger we are the greater influence we wield and the greater our influence the more we can create positive change.

We want to add your business to a collective voice that:

  • Campaigns for a better deal for business
  • Helps our companies open up lucrative overseas markets
  • Provides networking for our members to establish mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Provides the training and apprentices to drive forward the future workforce

Join the North East Chamber of Commerce and help the North East realise it’s undoubted potential.