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ARK Associates specialises in coaching for senior executives. We focus on working with senior teams and individuals, often with people who are facing very challenging situations.

We offer executive and development coaching, as well as skills’ development and behavioural change. In addition we also facilitate events and help organisations develop strategy.

We support individuals as they solve problems, choose the right direction, build relationships and change their outlook. Effectively, we help people succeed.

ARK’s coaches have a vast range of experience and knowledge of coaching techniques. We have also devised and refined our own unique coaching methodology,tlc, which stands for “thinking, listening and communicating”. We believe these are the cornerstone skills of successful leadership.

Our organisation was one of the first in the field of executive coaching in the UK in the mid-nineties. We have operated successfully ever since, with clients in the UK and Europe, from business, industry, professional practices and the public sector. All ARK’s coaches have run their own businesses and have had careers in blue chip organisations.


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