The Agile way to make a difference to your business

Published: 21st November 2016

Creative and innovative thinking concept introduced to Service Network members

Learning to be creative, agile and nimble when planning projects, new products and services will come under the spotlight at a Service Network workshop this month.

In challenging times, businesses are recognising the need to be fleet of foot , and are looking to Agile thinking to challenge their existing thinking and provide different perspectives.

Dave Cater, the principal learning and development consultant at Newcastle-based Eliesha Training, will be sharing some of the secrets and techniques that businesses can use at the Creative and Agile Thinking seminar on November 24.

Agile thinking is a concept developed by the software sector to replace the old school ‘waterfall’ method of project development, when products were developed in their entirety and then presented to users.

Dave said: “Software developers realised there was a better way and started to build small chunks, got them out there to the end user and received feedback, so they knew what worked and what didn’t.

“It’s hard to go back up a waterfall but Agile thinking allows you to be flexible to the needs of the customer. The business world looked over the fence and realised it was something they could learn from and translate to what they do.

“This is an opportunity for people who don’t know what it means to find out more, and see whether Agile processes could be valuable for them.

“But the concept of working in this way will be a challenge to a lot of individuals and organisations because it requires honesty and openness. For organisations prepared to be that open and honest, it can be a great way to shorten the lives of projects and keep in touch with your ultimate customer.”

Dave will use the practical and interactive seminar to discuss the traditional approach versus the Agile approach to projects. He’ll demystify some of the words associated with it, such as MoSCoW – a term used for common sense discussion and planning – and give businesses some ideas they can take away and try in their own organisations.

Service Network organises meetings, workshops and seminars designed to provide focused advice and support on different aspects of doing business, plus networking opportunities. Service Network is run by business support organisation RTC North, which has acted as the voice of the region’s service, creative and technical sectors since 1995.

RTC North’s Jamie Ollivere: “Creative and innovative thinking is vital for businesses from all sectors developing new services, products and processes.

“We’re delighted Dave will be sharing some of the secrets of Agile thinking with a wider audience, and giving them the opportunity to put some of the elements into practice in their own businesses.”

The event takes place at Muckle LLPs offices in Newcastle from : 08.00am – 12.00pm on Thursday November 24.

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