Marketwise Strategies

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Marketwise Strategies de-risks new product and service development, and informs market entry, competitive positioning and wider business decisions. In UK and international markets, we develop detailed insights that support innovation, shape strategy and help organisations to get closer to their customers and stakeholders.

Our experience spans markets from professional services to software, and from health and life sciences to robotics and renewable energy; in the UK, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, North America and throughout Europe.

We work with clients from multi-national corporations to universities, professional bodies and knowledge-focused new starts: providing detailed and robust research,and enabling a smoother path to strategy and implementation.

Marketwise Strategies can help you to:

• Develop and launch new products and services

• Enter new markets

• Commercialise your technology

• Develop growth strategies

• Strengthen and build your brands

• Shape and track customer perceptions

• Enhance employee and stakeholder relationships

• Target and track your marketing communications.

Formed in 2000, we operate from offices in Newcastle upon Tyne and London and have a reputation for exceptional quality, actionable insights and excellent service.

Our highly skilled teams of researchers and strategists take a diagnostic approach and work closely with clients, ensuring that we always look beyond the brief and seek to deliver the best possible value.

Marketwise Strategies helps organisations – of all sizes – to move forward with confidence.