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Auxin take a systematic approach to cultivating business growth.

Auxins have a cardinal role in coordination of many growth and behavioral processes in a plant’s life cycle. The name is derived from the Greek word auxein – “to grow/increase”. Like plants, businesses ned to be well established and require constant monitoring and regular adjustments to thrive.

Business therefore require a broad range of capabilities to drive their company forward. Growing companies are challenged by limits of resource and experience to fulfil a balance of knowledge and competencies. These skills can be provided by interim services – getting access to experience without commitment to full time employees.

We are a multi-skilled business development organisation that through our portfolio of associates and structured methodologies, allied with motivational commercial arrangements, support businesses to fulfil our goal of: Together achieving long-term, profitable sales growth for our customers.

Our capabilities encompass:
Business Enable
Defining strategy; business growth planning; engagement and resource planning; product and service proposition development; brand development; route to market planning; action setting and progress monitoring; coaching and mentoring

Supported by:
Sales Enable
Sales team training, development and management; marketing planning and execution; lead generation – telemarketing and online; field sales delivery provisioning
Operations Enable
Planning, implementation, development and support for: sales and operational systems; route-to-market & operational process mapping; organisation structure and team building; team management
Fund Enable
Delivery and implementation of effective accounting and commercial practices; fund raising; payment on growth agreements; grant and loan acquisition

Support is delivered through our team of experienced Associates through clear, cost effective agreements, to enable budget setting and clarity of usage. We also work with clients on a reduced fund/return-on-sales, or profit improvement basis. Services are eligible
for grant support to further enhance value for money and resource provision.

All engagements are individual to every client’s requirements that we determine together.